Hard Red Spring VARIETIES:

AC Muchmore Wheat

AC Muchmore Wheat is known for its very short semi-dwarf structure that gives it unsurpassed lodging resistance in the northern and central prairies. It is high yielding and
easy to combine, making it an ideal choice for high fertility management systems.


CDC Landmark Wheat

(Midge Tolerant)

CDC Landmark VB is the first midge tolerant wheat that is ultra high yielding, semi-dwarf, and protects against fusarium head blight. This isn’t just a slam-dunk for midge tolerant wheats, it’s a great replacement for all CWRS wheats.  CDC Landmark VB really has it all.


AAC Redberry

AAC Redberry is a very early maturing, good standing, high protein CWRS. It has shown very high yields across all prairie production zones from the heat driven south, right up through the parkland regions.


AAC Viewfield Wheat

AAC Viewfield is the shortest CWRS and stands poker straight, making production and harvest a breeze. It’s a top yielder with good resistance to fusarium head blight (FHB) and sprouting. AAC Viewfield is a stand-up bet for the southern and central prairies.


AAC Elie Wheat


AAC Elie is a high-yielding, strong-strawed, semi-dwarf CWRS variety with broad-based disease resistance. It gives consistent, dependable results, whether you’re in Manitoba, Alberta or Saskatchewan.

Canadian Prairie Spring Variety:

AAC Penhold Wheat

Very short, strong strawed CPS wheat with high yield potential, improved grain protein and good disease resistance. Moderately resistant to FHB.

AAC Foray AB

High quality CPS wheat with early maturity, midge tolerance, improved protein content and good disease resistance.

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