We offer a complete seed treating service for pulses and cereals on site with a Storm seed treater. We do this as an added advantage to protect your valuable purchase, which allows you to leave our yard with your seed field ready. It is our goal to offer a service that provides an accurate and uniform application of seed treatment in order to protect your seed investment.

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Why Do We Treat?

  Seed treatments minimize the impact diseases cause at the critical plant establishment phase.

  Seed treatments build stronger root systems that aid in the uptake of moisture and fertilizer.

  Seed treatments protect against insects and or other pests that attack seedlings.

  Treated seed uses its energy reserves to emerge and grow and aid in the vigour of the plants.

Pests in Our Area

Financial Services

We know that the price of our seed is another cost incorporated into your farming operation that affects your bottom line. We understand this and believe that we are offering a product that will aid in helping your farm succeed. We strive to keep our seed prices competitive with the local market and offer our expertise on the seed we sell as a value added service. Our motto is that our customers come first so let us know what we can do to earn your business.

Financing options are also available through pre approval of FCC credit . Contact us to discuss.