Family owned and operated.



Our Farm

True Seeds was established in 2003, and is a family owned and operated pedigree seed farm
located just east of Redwater. As a single-generation family operation, we’re a fairly small
business, which means we’re always able to put the customer first. With a quick and efficient
load process, easy access yard and 90ft scale, we can help you spend as much time as possible
seeding. Chelsea’s knowledge of different varieties of seed will help you make the best decisions
for your farm.


We take great pride in being hands on in our operation. Here, Shane and Chelsea after we blew out our combines during harvest. Maintaining seed purity is paramount and we achieve this through extensive clean out processes each step of the way, independent 3rd party field inspections, and utilizing independent seed cleaning facilities.

Find out more about our products:

Barley / Wheat / Oats Yellow Peas / Faba Beans

We are members of the following seed companies, and have access to the most advanced
genetics, allowing us to provide a complete seed solution for our customers.